About Fruit Basket

Doug and Joanne

We are a family-owned and operated orchard and farm store just outside of Grand Junction on East Orchard Mesa. Our 7.5 acre farm is a treasure-trove of all kinds of delicious fruit, including peaches, cherries, plums, apricots, nectarines, apples, grapes, berries and more. We are passionate about helping people, and kids especially, connect with great, locally grown food and where it comes from (NOT the grocery store!)

What makes us unique: In a word, U-PICK! We think picking your own fruit is a blast, kind of like a treasure hunt. Tree-ripened fruit is hard to beat and there’s nothing like finding that perfect piece of fruit that’s just begging to be picked and eaten right off the tree.

Our variety of crops is also pretty unique. This gives us a long season that starts with cherries in mid-June and ends with our late apples around Halloween. With about four months of fresh fruit to pick, you’ll want to visit several times a season.