Frequently Asked Questions

Are you organic?

why sprayWe are not certified organic, but we use organic methods to a large extent and whenever possible.  All of our fertilizer is certified organic.  Only organic products are used on our cherries, plums, grapes,and berries.  We are hoping to completely transition our peaches, nectarines and apricots to only organic methods.  Apples have been grown in the Grand Valley for over 100 years which means that pest populations (i.e. Codling moth – damage shown in photo) are well entrenched and difficult to manage with organic methods.  We currently use the lightest chemicals possible on our apples and are always looking (and hoping) for new methods.

Where are you located?

253 32-1/2 Road, Grand Junction, CO  81503 is the store location.  If this address doesn’t come up on your GPS, try 255 32-1/2 Road (our house).

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Do you accept credit/debit cards?

Yes, we currently accept all major credit cards.

How does u-pick work?

apple basket kids 2Upon arrival, just let us know that you are here for u-pick.  We’ll go over a few guidelines with you and then show you where and how to pick.  Once you are satisfied (or your container is full), head back to the store where we will weigh your fruit and bag or box it up.  All crops are charged by the pound at a posted price that is a little less than retail (since you did the work to pick it). We even have a wash station in case you can’t wait to take a bite!

How do we know what’s ready to pick?  The best way to keep current is to subscribe to our weekly email.  Once a week during the season (usually on Wednesday or Thursday) we send email notification of available crops and varieties for the coming weekend.  Once here, Doug will show you to the trees that are ready to be picked.

Can I bring my kids?

Absolutely! We just ask that you keep an eye on them and help them abide by our few rules.

raspberry picking 2

Can I bring my dog?

Sorry, due to insurance regulations dogs are not allowed in the orchard.

How much can I pick?

As much as you like! We charge by the pound and quantity discounts are available.

half bushels

When can I pick?

You can drop in anytime during our seasonal store hours (9-4 Friday & Saturday); that may change from time to time due to unforeseen circumstances. If we are available, you are also welcome to come out during the week, but we ask that you call first and make an appointment.

apricot blooms

Do you supply containers?

Yes. Several sizes are available, including some for the kids. Picking containers are available for purchase, but most customers take their fruit home in a box or bag that we also supply.

store 4

Is u-pick safe?

Please remember that you are visiting a working orchard, not Disneyland or even a city park. We do all that we can to ensure your safety, but a few hazards still remain. The ground is uneven in places. One of the millions of branches may poke you in the eye. There are mosquitoes at times and other insects that can (but usually don’t) bite or sting. If you wear good shoes and don’t climb the trees you will have very little to worry about. In fact, it will be more dangerous to get in your car and drive here than it will be to pick your fruit.

apple picking